- Birds in Le Jardin des TuileriesExcerpt from 30 years of photographies in Le Jardin des Tuileries

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

“Look to the sky”

The 19th century made us forget that a town is not only populated by human being accompanied by some pet cats and dogs. Climate change and ecology have let us rediscover a fact : the town, no more countryside belong to us. Among the urban animals, birds are the most visible group. And with good reason ; you have to follow the injunction coming from a parisian graffiti : “ Look to the sky ” and then discovering them. The other particularity of birds is : they are the only animals whom we hear above in the urban cacophony.

Not only these animals are the only animals audible and visible but in 30 years they have been redistributed. Paris, the pigeons town become progressively the seagulls town which gives her, at times, a Britain harbour look. Whereas crows, as more and more replace pigeons around The Tuileries, sending us back to the one-on-one battles from a time of bandits, another type of scavenger around the palais royal. Then parisians sparrows that take away our imagination through any point in the history of the city.

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La grande roue vue depuis le Jardin des Tuileries photo Hervé Bernard

Le Carousel du Louvre, photographie Hervé Bernard

Le Jardin des Tuileries par Hervé Bernard

Portrait de Médée, une statue du Jardin des Tuileries