- Empreintes / Footprints

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Movie selected for the Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes 2015, in the Forum des Images Collection (Paris)

Empreintes / Footprints an 18’’ fiction short movie

A Poetic Memoire, a dreamlike walk in time and space....
The narrator, tells us, as his thoughts and pictures unfold, the feelings created by the Tuileries Garden.

An ode to beauty and poetry in one of France’s capital city landmarks.

A composition of photographs taken in the Tuileries Garden during the last thirty years, this film explores the gap between still pictures and film. Its sound space, carried by the narrator’s voice, immerses us in an environment full of magic and realism.

Director : Hervé Bernard
A story by Marco Martella
Editor : Lola Norymberg
Sound designer : Denis Mercier
Voice : Goran Vejvoda (English version)
Images : Hervé Bernard