- Praise of the artificial brambles

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Excerpt of the preparatory speech of their 150th anniversary

- Taipei Photo 2016 11-12 to 11-23

it was also exhibited at

- Image and ArtCenter of Chinese Culture University, Taïpei, Taiwan, 2-15 to 2-28 — 2016

- La Villa des Arts, November 2016, Paris

- Nuits Photographiques 2016 (december), Bibliothèque Royale de Rabat, Marocco

- And it will be shown at Jours de Lumière Festival september 2017, Saint Saturnin Puy de Dôme, France

Bienvenue / Wellcome / Willkommen

During a time of reasonless celebration of the national genius and inventors, it seems important to denounce an obvious injustice. It is really necessary to restore a truth buried in a disdainful propaganda regarding our glorious nation. We have to remind others that contrary to a persisting myth, the first inventor of this war device is French and not American...

Rouelle de barbelés 007
Barbelés entoilés

- Vue on the work as it was exhibited at La Villa des Arts, November 2016, Paris

Les ronces de l'environnement, Hervé Bernard from BERNARD Hervé (rvb) on Vimeo.