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- Dali and Disney meet Alice Cooper

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Projet pour Destino ca 1946 / Sketch for Destino

Uncomplete scenario and animation by Salvador Dalí
Production : Walt Disney
Lengh : 7 min.
Complete in 2003, director : Dominique Monféry ; producer : Baker Bloodworth and Roy Disney.
Original music Armando Domínguez

Salvador Dalí peignant pour le projet Destino - 1946 / Salvador Dali painting for Destino

Original music Armando Domínguez

Destino from Estudio Crayon on Vimeo.

When and What ?
January 14th 1946, Salvador Dali signe a contract with Disney tor Destino an animated short-movie. Following this assignment, the painter take place in Disney’s studio in Burbank, California to start the project, writing and create the storyline and making the drawing.

The Dali’s original idea is build on three main characters :
 a ballerina
 a baseball player
 and Chronos, the greek god ; Chronos is there the main position of time when one is expecting destinity embrace our lives.

The original song by mexican singer Armando Domínguez id one of the Dali’s main inspiration during this work. This movie was schedule to be a part of others and his duration was planed to 6-8 minutes. However, only 15 secondes where made and Dalí collaboration encompassed approximately 80 pen-and-ink sketches and numerous storyboards, drawings and paintings that were created over nine months in 1945 and 1946. Which does’nt seems clear is does this 80 sketches belongs to the 15 seconds or were to be add.

In 2003, Roy Disney rediscovered the project and filled in it. This achievment was based on the Dali ideas and scketches.

Manuscrit de Salvador Dalí, Derniers nouvelles a... [sic], ca 1946 / Salvador handwritting. Last news...

One other Dali’s collaboration with Hollywood
Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Producer : David O.Selznick
Dreamlike sequence with Dali, sets by S Salvador Dalí
Movie lengh : 107 min.

In 1945, Salvador Dalí stayed in Hollywood to be part of the team of Spellbound (La Maison du Docteur Edwardes) by Alfred Hitchcock with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman.

Salvador Dalí peignant pour Destino - 1946 / Salvador painted for Destino