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- Hitler enigma

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Hitler had the first army which understood how to use tanks but the tanks speed wont be possible without the speed of the radio and phone transmission (in french we say telephone which means speaking at distance). The plate is empty even if there is few beans. It could be a reference to Spain and more widely Europe starving during the Second World War, the bat which is a vampirism symbol doesn’t need any explanation : a vampire sucks blood, war sucks the blood of countries. Backside, the people stand on the sea-side (probably Cadaques sea-side) could be a reference to all the people which left Spain and Europe at this time.

Hitler enigma 1937

The phone and the umbrella are middle-classes citizen or burgher symbolism as the woman on the right, partly hidden by the umbrella. This social class was one of the Hitler main support. The water falling from the phone is more tear than rain.

People who dare explaining this painting is an allegiance to Hitler are blind people. This painting is typically a sample of the misinterpretation of image linked to the seamless question. It is because there is a Hitler picture that it is a painting witch is for Hitler. This is a perfect illustration of the traps of similarity.
We can’t looking to one piece of art without putting it in the context of all the artistic work of an artist.

This interpretation Hitler enigma is not only the fruit of my fantasy it is also made in relationship with others Dali paintings. Franco grand daughter is a remake of a Velasquez painting

Inside the horse you can see the Prato.
Retrato ecuestre del príncipe Baltasar Carlos
Diego Velázquez

Hitler and Franco are not the only politician which were painted by Dali. There is also “The partial hallucination. Six Lenin images on a piano” Some says that the Lenin image is more like André Breton than Lenin. Any way for playing piano, you need to hit this heads which is not very respectful. Don’t forget André Breton was a great supporter of communist USSR at this time 1931.

The partial hallucination. Six Lenin images on a piano

Is the halo around the heads a sanctification or an irony about communism which have some behavior which are quite similar to the Christian one as leader who is saying the truth. The question is : Is this painting a glorification or a ridicule presentation of Lenin ?

Mao-Marylin 1971

What I find surprising is nobody is accusing Dali to be a Leninist or a Maoist. This Dali painting ‘’succeeded’’ to Andy Warhol 1964, builded on a photomontage made by Philippe Hasman. This painting is for some people a reinterpretation of the first US motto : ‘’E Pluribus Unum’’ (from many, one) is a constitutional reflection of this demographic mix. On my own point of vue il could be also a way speak about the encounter of the extremes. But where ? May be at the first place ? In 1971, US and China seems to be so different which no more the actual situation.

The image later served to the illustration of the cover of the album of the opera-poem « Being God », recorded by Salvador Dalí in 1974 in the Paris studios of Pathé-Marconi. In this strange musical work devoted to the Creation of the world, the Dali Prophet announced that China and the US will unite one day to dominate the planet.

May be the Hitler Enigma is a protesting piece of art and it is something I am assuming since I really look at this piece.