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- Clouds

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

In East Asia, clouds are considered the perfect symbol of Yin and Yang. They merge the elements of air and water, sky and earth. Gods and goddesses travel in them as if on boats sailing between the realms of Heaven and Earth. In batik production, the Mega Mendung motif represents these auspicious clouds. Introduced on the island of Java in the port of Cirebon, it became very popular and spread rapidly.

The technique of batik is based on a coloring by saving : the fabric is dyed in wax reserve. It is a craft elevated to the rank of art. In this garden, the Mega Mendung pattern comes to life before our eyes. A steel screen woven with recycled fibers reproduces the pattern of the sarong, this ubiquitous piece in the East Asian wardrobe, draped like a skirt. Vaporous plants float above the water and glide over a small hill that faces it. From the fabric to the landscape, the clouds come to life.

Lim In Chong (Inch), landscaper Inch Lim