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- Rewind - Fastorward - Memories / The Holy Familly

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

"The family, like the image, is a mirror that shows us a reflection of our vision of reality transformed. In what proportion is the question ?

Life is not a DVD. Neither rewinding, nor fast-forwarding or skipping certain events are possible.

The family gives us an image. It sees us, makes us in his image. This image, to create our family of images, we deconstruct it.

Le mur au berceau / the wall to the cradle
© Hervé Bernard 2013

Neither nostalgia nor backwardness, on the contrary, these images are a leverage point to move ahead. The Holy Family is a scraping and rubbing of the memory, a bit like Max Ernst scraping pieces of wood with his HB lead and then suddenly new images emerge. Are these images from the simple past or the future anterior or a simple contemplation of this bygone time ?"

Le petit soldat et la Vierge / The little soldier and the Virgen
© Hervé Bernard 2011
Le retour du Petit Soldat / the Little Soldier’s return
© Hervé Bernard 2015
Vierge à l’enfant disparu / the Virgin with the missing child
© Hervé Bernard 2010

In the future, I would like to make an installation to be placed in a room. It also includes a video in progress.

Text and images © Hervé Bernard