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Inventory – Reward
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To reward is walking through our Pantheon (Hall of Fame). This serie was borned a little bit by chance by discovering reminiscense in some of my photographies. Then, this disclosures done, came the idea to reward unknown people, themes as the unknown tourist emerged.

After, I discovered this subject was a sort of point of vue on my images and simultanously on our society. By consequence, this serie became a transversal serie which is crossing throught all the themes I work on. Indeed, reward is first dedicated to human being but it can be also dedicated to an event, a place or an item. It may be ironic, respectful, reverent or irereverent as itis in the crumpled reward to Andy Wahroll. Sure, before this irony was present but I hadn’t thinked before to make a crumpled reward.

Inventory – reward is also an interrogation about the differences between plagiarism, parody and pure copy, reward to is something not very serious. Reward is also honouring legend (in french légende is use for caption and fairy-tale) and this reward is fade if there is no caption to define it. So, to reward is also cross-examine the image and his content, it’s making an inventory as the French poete Jacques Prévert did in one with his poem titled: « Inventory ». As all pictures, the similarity could be formal, spiritual to quote Kandinsky... So, this serie a production of the image topic and his contain.

This work is also an extension to my book Regard sur l’image about our understanding of images.

There are pictures as the Contes de Perrault, to Courbet, Dali, Dyane hunter, Agatha Christie, Brancusi, Don Quichotte, Georges Braque, Galilleo, Picasso, Medea, Caruso, Charles Baudelaire, Aladdin’s Cave, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Pevsner, Peter Klasen, Nadar, Quentin Metsys, Van Gogh, Western movies, Moise, Madonna and Child, Joan of Arc, Martin Reyna, the anonymous creator, Peter Knapp, Andy Warhol, Lee Frielander, Italo Calvino, Hemingway, Aladin’s Lamp, Belini, Victor Hugo, Bauhaus...