An exhibition, a book, a movie or an art installation are aperture which others may look throught.1

Shooting is knowing when you don’t have to shoot.2

Writing with my eyes is my profession, and this profession is built on two pillars :

- Image-making
- Writing about imaging

- Writing with the eyes is my job V2


- Inventory – Tribute to

- Inventory – Tribute to

This serie is a tribute to people, events or myths which seems to me marking the creative world or our imagination. This work is also an extension to my book about our understanding of images.

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- On a straight Line ! (Le Jardin des Tuileries)

- On a straight Line ! (Le Jardin des Tuileries)

English Adaptation by A.V Morris
“My photograph was not to do with the subject matter.” Alfred Stieglitz
« (...) Le visible ne s’interprète qu’en référence à l’invisible. » “ (...) The visible is interpreted only in reference to the invisible” Sur le (...)
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- The Earth's water crest and scums I

- The Earth’s water crest and scums I

French Version
Mixed technichs, Hervé BERNARD
Exhibition in beetween 20 and 95 panels (2,5 x 0,7m panel or 3,5 x 1,2m). This exhibition goes with three videos. One is visible on the net, link at the end of the text.
«  Mais où est le péril, (...)
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- Weekly photography

- Weekly photography

One week, one photography and time to time more.
All the photographies are available to be baught as an artprint signed and numbered.
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