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- About photography and what it may be...

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

"No matter how conceptual a photograph may be, it contains information at its most fundamental level.” [1]

At a first glance this affirmation seems to be really rewarding for the photography. But there is a deep problem : this sentence doesn’t contain any definition of information and and any definition of fundamental and this two words are so unclear, they are two big bags which you can fill with every things ; that it’s make it a part.

© Daido Moriyama

What do you mean by information ? If it is the meaning of the information theory, it is not really fulfilling as, for this theory, every things are informations even something with no interest.


So this sentence pretend to be a shielding of the Photgraphy but as it doesn’t say anything about photography and imaging, it ’s a failure.

Set aside photography from imaging makes understanding of the Photography impossible. First because photography is based on the same principles that the painting which arise at La Renaissance. And because images and photographies are based on the visual perception.