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- Arts and boundaries

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

« artistic activity […] had dissolved the boundaries between disciplines which had rigidly distinguished high modern visuality from high modern literariness at mid-century […] the experimental innovation had inbred so successfully with other artistic sources […that] current work actually blends visual and verbal elements into what is an increasingly synthetic unity »

Johanna Drucker

This Johanna Drucker’s quote remind us something, all of us have a tendency to believe, multimedia or more precisly, transmedia is an heavy tendency in art evolution i.e in modern art. And this tendancy is far older than the arousing of new technologies as remind us surrealist or artist as Jean Cocteau whom opus is far more transdiplinary without forgetting Léonard de Vinci who is probably the father of all transmedia artists with the master glassmakers when they were making stained glas. In fact stained glas in churches are plaiying in the same time with imaging, colors, sound (gregorian choir...) and even movement with the sun motion wich was the master of the shaddows and light motion without forgetting far more back chaminism.