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- Photo, technics and objectivity

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

« When you take a photo at 1/1000 of second, the moment can become an external fact, an eternal moment. So we have a philosophical problem of objectivity and subjectivity ? »Eikoh Hosoe [1]

© Hervé Bernard 2023

To put it an another way : is a photo shot at 1/1000 of second an objective picture as it does’ nt correspond or mimics our visual perception ? We can have the same wondering for a picture shot with an exposure of 30 seconds or more.

© Hervé Bernard 2023

What is the relationship between technical medium and objectivity ? Is photogrammétrie and 3D photography an objective representation ? as there is no point of view, and for the most part of them no background, you have an object alone which you have the ability to look at on every angles. No angle choice, no background, does the point of vue is still existing ?