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- Winogrand in Austin

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

For five years in the mid-1970s, Winogrand taught at the University of Texas, lived in Austin with his wife Eileen and daughter Melissa, and prowled Austin with his camera. He photographed the UT Drag, Congress Avenue, Eeyore’s Birthday Party, Town Lake, the Texas State Capitol, airshows at Bergstrom AFB, and on and on. Thousands, tens of thousands — even, maybe a hundred thousand photographs taken in Austin.

Los Angeles 1980-1983

One of Winogrand’s seminal works was photographing the stock shows in Fort Worth during this same period.

« Winogrand in Austin 1973-1978 » looks back at this relatively unknown chapter of photography and Austin history through interviews with people who knew Garry in the day, through archival photographs and video, and with some well-known and some never-before-seen Winogrand photographs from that time.

Garry Winogrand died in 1984.