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Regard sur l’image

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- Contribution to TK-21 La Revue

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

© Hervé Bernard 2019, Hehuanshan_Taroko National Park, Taiwan picture made during an artistic residence in Taiwan (Hakka Council)

Since 2010, as a board member with TK-21, I have published many critical articles as well as video interviews with noted artists, critics and philosophers. Our primary goal is to understand what is an image, how it works and what an image is making to us.

I am director for videos on happenings. (The three first links are speechless) :

“No Storiing” is a video reinterpretation Hervé Bernard of the Malin Bülow’s performance during biennale de Lyon 2019, herself rewied by Jean-Louis Poitevin.

A video by Hervé Bernard about the Malin Bülow performance for the Bienale de Lyon 2019

 - Barquette Factoty Corinne Fhima à la Galerie White Project

 - S’y perdre, Stéphanie Nava, à la Galerie White Project, musique Dean Whitbread

 - Ultima Verba, l’Ultime, Gérard Gartner

Critical French texts about artists as :
 Alain Nahum,

Laurence Piaget-Dubuis...

Aesthetic theory texts as :
 - Paysagiste versus paysagiste

 - Vacuum, plein de vide

Video interviews :
- Together with philosopher-critic Jean-Louis Poitevin, I have shot and edited many video interviews with photographers, painters, filmmakers and other visual artists concerning the socio-psychological-political role of images in our society. Most of the interviews are in French, though I have conducted a portion of them in English when appropriate.

 - Joel-Peter Witkin, photographer (english)

 - Park Seo-Bo, painter (english)

 - Stan Neumann, director, worked on 12 20 mn movies about Photography main streams from the begining to nowadays, publshed by Arte

 - Gilles Clément, landscape gardener

 - Serge Tisseron, psychoanalyst

Gérard Gartner
© Hervé Bernard 2016

 - Alain Nahum, photographer-director

 - Harry Gruyaert, photographer