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- Fidel Ponce Ccana

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

During my childhood I have grown up with the Andean culture, trough the education that my parents have given me, and the western culture that was received through the educational system and the media of communication. Since then I have dreamed to express and to show through my work this half-cast that it typical of my country. Through my work of medium and large sizes, the human figure is the principal element to express existentialism situations : empty bodies surrounded by pre-Hispanic symbolism, geometric and linear like architectonics structures solid and spatial. Small formats are also inspired by nature mort and with the same style.

All the elements in conformity of my work are expressed with colors inspired by day living of our days to day living of our days : like neon lights, discotheques, internet, television, etc…And the entire modern means that are offered are expressed with subtlety and abounded materiel. The aim to find a language in which to translate a plastic encounter between the ancient and the modern, the tradition and the modernity of our days.

The research of a personal and sincere language in the painting that leads us to observe our surrounding and understand our roots and in own existence. The historic tradition, the western culture and all cultural manifestations that converge in Latin America give us a language engaged with our history and society.