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- Words games : spoonerism, homophonic style, apocryphe citations

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

© Hervé Bernard 2016


 I drink a trunk

 The poor pour money in the system to make the rich more rich.

 He is catched in his wheel of will.

 Are the mourning of the mornings you have to go to your work worst than the morning of mourning ?

 “Are the sensor chip a way for exercising censorship ?”
Douglas Engelbart

Homophonic style, Euphonia
 To raise an army and to raise a child. Does it mean the education is only fighing ? Is this saying something of the anglophone vision of education ? Are they educating as they organised an army ?

 “The tires throw trough the country side are tiring ”
Edouard Michelin


 “ Giving his goods is good.”

 “I am so hungry then I am angry but not hangry”

 The french preuve (proof ) is an evidence in english but the french évidence, as something obvious as it is in french doesnt need any proof. Then we can say there is not only the lost of an accent between french and english there is a meaning shift in between the two words.

 “The selling is sailing before to be selling by his owner.”

 “Selling in the celling is sailing nowhere but sailing in the celling is selling nothing.”
Moby Dick - The Whale

Just do nuts
painting by François Curlet

 “This close need to be ironed without irony before to be closed in the closet.”

 “ There is label as black, white, yellow and others which stick and stink. What do you think ? They have to go to the sink ! ”

 The global warming is the opportunity to launch a global warning.

 I love to push or pull your leg as you prefer. Anyway the results is the same. I am laughing on you.

 The steps of the steppe are full of cattle and some kettles and there, we are not able to see the sea.

 Dont mixed up a swimming pool is not a swimming pull that’s mean a place where someone says pull and you shoot a swimmer with a gun.

 The week end is this final time for People who are very weak.

 Understandable : what you can understand if it is under the stable or under the prevision (en dessous de l’étable or en dessous du prédictable).

© Hervé Bernard 2014

Apocryphe citation
 “ The brake avoid to a car to break and to mix up every things as when you forgot to use the brake your break apart. ”
André Citroen, the producer of the DS, the first volume-production car equipped with disc brakes.

 “ I would like a bit of meat to byte in it even if there is no bit of byte in a piece of meat ! As far as I know.”
Claude Elwood Shannon


 Turn about, yes ! But about what ? nobody can explain it. Is this expression, an image of humanity on Earth as said Montaigne « Our life is only motion » !
Joachim Du Bellay

 “There is to type of digital, the one which is using numbers and the one which is ending an Hand. This one is loved by policemen.”
Sir William Herschel, 2d Baronet

 “To bee or not to be”


 “To wait or not to weight”

 "Mint a money with mint drawn on it"
Peter Greenaway

“Water loo was a big sheet for Napoléon I”


“I got some new golfs club for my wife. I wish I could make a trade like that.”