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2014, Photo of the week 44

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Autoportrait à la grille / Self portrait with bars

Self portrait with bars
The Holy Familly
rewind -fastforward - souvenirs

The familly give us an image. She see us, made us at his own image.
This image, to build our familly of images, we deconstruct it. No nostalgia, no way backward, on the opposite, this images are a fulcrum to go farther. The Holy Familly is a grattage-schrapping of the memory : in a certain way, a bit like Max Ernst when he was schratching pieces of wood with a soft lead HB pencil and suddainly new images are arising. Does this images belongs to past tenses [1]
or the futur perfect tenses or a mere contemplation