- L’Histoire de Pierre et le Fou / Peter’s story and the crazy guy

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Synopsis : "Leasten : this is Peter and the Crazy guy’s story. It will be told by the music and the musician instrument. How ? It is easy ! Each actor is played by a different instrument.
Reward to Pierrre et le Loup, Serge Prokofiev,

This movie directed by Thomas Norymberg is one of the main step which drove me to write my book Regard sur l’image.

On this movie shot on cinemascop, I did the production and the artistic direction of the color grading. The begining is silent and the music is taking place progressivly.

Steadicam by Valentin Monge.
Music : Thierry Maillard

Actors : Romain Picolet, Olga Babluani, Béatrice Borowiec, Pascal Jauffres

Executive production : RVB.Prod

Shwon at Cannes 2002 : European Digital Cinema Forum, Cinéma éphémère de l’Elysées- Biarritz, Côté-Court Unifrance.
LTC (one of the main french movie labs, now Technicolor Paris) movie demonstration.