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- Scenario for GaïaGaïa’s portraits

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Scenario for Gaïa

This serie is build one of the Century 20th’s picture which made an amazing mutation in the occidental mind about Gaïa, our House. Before, step by step, since the C16th, we lost the feeling of our world as an all. Suddenly, this picture reset our scope

06 Cariatide / Caryatids

Jealous, envious of the empire under heavens and sensitive to the Titan —her son’s— disgraces, the Earth felt the scope of the Tartarus with her monstrous infants, odious race which would be so criminal, proud of this awful revenge, the Earth opened her bowel and thrown up warlike enemies against the sky.

08 Jouer avec Gaïa II / Playing with Gaïa II

Gaïa vanity backfired against Her ?

Would, Titan, backfire against their Mother to practice a gigantic matricide which consequence or punishment would be a so big fratricide escort by a global suicide.

12 Richesses naturelles / Natural wealth

“Re-cycling” this picture is a way to make a sort of résumé of the consequences of what we did and what we will have to do in the future.

16 Sortir du réchauffement climatique / Getting-out of warming up

The number before the title give the number of the picture in the whole work.

19 Envol III / Rising up III

Currentllyt, there are 20 images in this serie. They where made between 1990 and nowadays.

Text and images © Hervé Bernard

Ukiyo-e [image of the floating world]
Poster for a seminar organised by the CNRS where a part of the serie, sculpture by Hervé Bernard Scenario for Gaïa where exhibited

  29th of may untill juin 1st of 2018,
Symposium "The Right Use of the Earth"

«  Bon usage de la Terre  » (The Right Use of the Earth)

École nationale supérieure
RER B I Luxembourg
Métro ligne 7 Censier-Daubenton ou Place Monge
Bus 21 ou 27 Feuillantines et Bus 91 Berthollet
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- Anthropocene history