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- Environment and individual

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

We have the power to save the environment, a cigarette butt can kill a fish by obstructing its oesophagus and it is one of the wastes that nature eliminates the most difficult (12 years for a complete degradation)...

If everyone avoids throwing cans, bottles, packaging, etc. into the street, the woods or the water, we will have a cleaner Earth. In the world, 4 300 billion cigarette butts are thrown in the streets every year, that is 137 000 butts per second.

As part of the Oceans initiatives organized last weekend (March 21-22, 2015) throughout France, the Paris branch of the foundation for the defense of the coastline and the oceans Surfrider has carried out Sunday a vast collection of waste along the Canal Saint-Martin, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, the results of which were communicated this Tuesday.

In the space of 3h30, the collectors of the Foundation have indeed recovered less than 9500 cigarette butts, 145 plastic bottles, 100 cups, 110 cans, 3500 bottle caps and a large number of bags or plastic residues. A real poison for the oceans and their ecosystem.

Particularly insidious, cigarette butts are a very important source of pollution since one of them alone soils 500 liters of water, explains Lionel Cheylus, a volunteer with Surfrider Paris. The latter is also alarmed by the large number of capsules recovered on the mile and a half covered by the collectors along the quays of Valmy and Jemmapes.

Source MetroNews 24-03-2015