- Medea’s children

,  par Hervé BERNARD dit RVB

Les enfants de Médée / Medea's children from BERNARD Hervé (rvb) on Vimeo.

Pictures and editing by Hervé Bernard Rvb
[Music composed and performed by Dean Whitbread.
Production : RVB-Prod

This video is a personnal interpretation about the hypothetic third Medea’s child. This third child came from some interpratations of the Dioscures fresco, see Pascal Bruckner lecture of this fresco.

For Pascal Bruckner, the sword hold by Medea was or would been screwed in her womb to killed this future child.

This fresco discovered in 1828-1829, in Pompeï was probably painted on the Pline the older Medea evocation (Médée de Timoniaque). This fresco was made in between 62 and 79 after the Christ. Now, in Naples archeological museum.

- Medea’s portrait in the Tuileries garden

- Medea, reinterpretations