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- Writing with my eyes is my job

“ Writing with the eyes ”
“Picture maker”, as said Peter Knapp in the preface of “Regard sur l’image”, my last book about imaging understanding. As a “Picture maker”, ‘‘Writing with the eyes’’ is my job. I am a visual artist which is using photography, movie and writing. This is the reason why : ‘‘Writing with the eyes’’ is also analysing the image, speaking about the eye who see the image and the brain which interpret it. In ‘‘Regard sur l’image’’ (Prix de l’Académie de la Couleur2016), an illustrated essay and a blog, I exposed all the processing which transformed the image from the point when we take it to the moment when we look at it.

Some of my pictures are in permanent collections of CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques), French Bibliothèque Nationale, l’Établissement Public du Louvre, le Musée Carnavalet-Paris, Le Musée du Vivant (Museum of Life found by AgroTech, Paris)… My photomontages were exhibited in Le Carroussel du Louvre for the launching of Sun’s Ultra-Sparc processor, in November 95.

Among my exhibition :
In 2017, I made a visual installation titled Enclose to the loss of reason.
- 6th WorldWide WaterForum (Marseille, March ‘12) ;
- Le Pavillon de l’Eau, Paris ‘10, (Anniversary of the 1910 Seine hightide in Paris) ; Espace Canon, Centre Pompidou, Centre National de la Photographie, Salon de la Photo96, 9th Rencontres Cinématographiques de Beaune. In Europe : 8th Movie Festival, Charleroi, French Cultural Institut ‘11, Amsterdam, In ‘01, I made a lecture about my pictures in “ La Maison Européenne de la Photographie ” (Paris). In Italy, Belgium, Checkoslovakia, Germany, in Rabat (King’s Librairy) Marocco and Taipei (2016, 2015, 2014 Image and ArtCenter of Chinese Culture University, Taipei Photo Art Show, Taipei Photo Art Fair)...

Autoportrait gémellaire / Gemellary self portrait

Over 30 magazines have published my work both in Europe an the USA, or on website as Adobe french one (twice ‘00 and ‘06)...

I produced and/or directed 14 short-movies, among 2 of them : The Earth’s Water Crest and Scums II and Water Etching - Water Running were awarded (gold and silver) by the Deauville GreenAward FilmFestival 2016. In 2015, I directed Empreintes/Footprints a short-movie (fiction about Le Jardin des Tuileries wrote by Marco Martella), selected for Le Forum des Images (Paris) collections and presented in Cannes 2015 Short Film Corner. Produced with Dolby Europe and Fondation des Parcs et Jardins de France support.

In 2001, I produced and directed the color grading of ‘‘L’Histoire de Pierre et le Fou’’ directed by Thomas Norymberg shown in Cannes Festival 2002 (European Digital Cinema Forum...), selected by Taormina FilmFestival (Italy).
Consulting and writing

Due to my experience in digital imaging, I was often invited to run workshops. Among others, Paris Salon de la Photo (‘12,‘11, ‘09, ‘08), Satis (Paris videoshow) ‘11, ‘97 for Adobe, Agfa... In ‘95, I was asked to beta-test Photoshop 3.0 and in ‘93 and ‘94, I ran of a Photoshop workshop sponsored by Sun. I have also taught digital technologies to companies such as Ilford-France, l’Institut Pasteur or Agfa...

Among the many conferences or teaching that I have participated in :
- Lecture about sameness, identity for the College of Arts & Sciences of Miami University ;
- Image and Truth, ending lecture of a seminar Ecole de la Magistrature de Paris, Séminaire de Philosophie Politique...
- Les Beaux-Arts (Neuchatel, Suisse, 2014) ; European Institut on garden and landscapes (2013) and National School on Architecture and Landscape (Lille, 2012) both about landscape and image, Esten (graphic art school, ‘12-11), License in Art-Therapy, Paris 7’University (‘11 to ‘08), EMI-CFD (‘09), License Arts du Spectacles Metz’University (‘06), “Forum Européen Regards et Vision‘04” (Lille Capitale Européenne de la Culture), “The Doors of Perception”, University of Albany (State of NY, ‘04), École Estienne in ‘03 (one of the 1st french graphic art school), Femis (1st french school on movie) in ‘02. In ‘97, I spoke about digital photography for the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche) and participated as a speaker for the Agfa Technologies Show95, in Boston (USA). In ‘93 and ‘94, I spoke about digital photography at the Scd IS&T Color Conference and for the 46th IS&T.

Autoportrait normalisé / Selfportrait normalized

8 to 10 000 persons/month read my blog. During 15 years, I regularly wrote on digital imaging in “Le Photographe”, “Video-Broadcast”, “Sonovision” publications. In ‘11, I published a book : “Regard sur l’image” about links between images and real throught visual and cultural perception, partly illustrated with my pictures ; introduction by Peter Knapp. In 2000, I published a technical book about digital movies. In ‘98, I published a dictionary of digital photo terminology.

I worked with Denis Mercier on a test to restore a Renoir’short movie. In ‘04-’05, I am in charged of a DVD about home-cinema technology for the public.

As a member of the CST (Commission Supérieure et Technique du Cinéma) board I belong to the team which ran tests about digital cameras and managed lectures and events about digital cinema.

Due to these experiences, in ‘09, I was a member of the Prix Vulcain Jury (Cannes Film Festival). In 95, I worked for the “Réunion des Musées Nationaux” on restoring their photo stock and on digital photography.

- Detailed printable biography

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- Writing with my eyes is my job

- Excerpt from Hervé Bernard’s archives